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Voice Lessons at Edgewater High School

Tim Evanicki, a Juilliard-trained voice teacher, will now be offering voice lessons at Edgewater High School in Orlando, for students during their free periods/study halls. With over 14 years as a private vocal instructor, Mr. Evanicki has become one of Orlando's most sought-after voice teachers. For a complete bio on Mr. Evanicki, click here.

Voice lessons will be offered to students of Edgewater High School at a deep discount. Lessons will be the full length of the period (47 minutes), once per week, and will be $50 each. A 45-minute lesson at Tim Evanicki's studio is normally $75. Lessons will begin August 23. 

Payment Policies: Monthly lesson payments will vary based on the number of lessons you have scheduled each month. Payments will be made by credit or debit card and will be automatically drafted from your account. All payments will draft automatically on the first of the month. Payments are made directly through Tim Evanicki, and your credit card receipt will reflect a charge from TIM EVANICKI, INC. Payments are not made through Edgewater High School. 

Students are allowed 2 make-up lessons per year for a missed lesson. If a lesson is canceled by the teacher and cannot be made up easily, your account will be credited for the dollar amount of the missed lesson. 

To register for lessons, please fill out the following form. Tim will call you at the Parent Phone Number provided to schedule lessons, answer questions, and arrange payment information. 

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